Pattern Support

All patterns have been tested using either Litmus or with real devices in the email clients listed below. Full = Fully Responsive, Working = Renders Correctly at Full Width but Not Responsive, None = Either the Pattern Doesn't Work or Has Yet to be Tested.

Email Client Support Level
iPhone 3GS iOS5 Full
iPhone 4S iOS6 Full
iPhone 5 iOS6 Full
iPhone 5s iOS7 Full
iPad iOS6 Full
iPad (Retina) iOS7 Full
iPad Mini iOS7 Full
Apple Mail 5 OS X 10.7 Full
Apple Mail 6 OS X 10.8 Full
Android 2.3 Native Client Full
Android 4.0 Native Client Full
Android Outlook Exchange via Native Client Working
Android Gmail App Working
Outlook 2000 Working
Outlook 2007 Working
Outlook 2010 Working
Outlook 2011 OS X 10.7 Working
Outlook 2013 Working
Gmail Chrome Working
Gmail IE Working
Gmail Firefox Working
Hotmail/ Chrome Working
Hotmail/ IE Working
Hotmail/ Firefox Working
Yahoo! Mail Chrome Working
Yahoo! Mail IE Working
Yahoo! Mail Firefox Working
Windows Phone 7 Working
Windows Mobile 6.1 None
BlackBerry OS4 None
BlackBerry OS5 None